I survived month end!

I really thought that my first month end would be horribly busy and stressful. I found out that it really wasn’t bad at all and I only had a few questions to get me through. Gives me more confidence for the next one.

Since my last update I finished South Seas Mermaid:

South Seas Mermaid - Mirabilia; stitched on 28 count Aurora by CWC

South Seas Mermaid – Mirabilia; stitched on 28 count Aurora by CWC

Do you think I could work on something that I already had started? Nope! I just had to start something new. Tyler has been asking me to stitch him a dragon for a very long time. I finally sat down with him and gave him some options. I was happy with his choice as this one is going very fast. I hit the half way mark in a week. Here is Duality by Fire Wing Designs:

Duality - Fire Wing Designs

Duality – Fire Wing Designs

This week my sweet little Kurby turns 1 year old. I still remember bringing him home and how he looked like a fluffy little bear. He has turned out to have the cutest personality. I would make the drive again to get a puppy from that breeder.

Kurby - 10 weeks and 5 days old

Kurby – 10 weeks and 5 days old

Kurby - 11 months old

Kurby – 11 months old












Not much else going on around here. A bit of drama between Tyler and his girlfriend. I really like her but she is already tiring of Tyler’s immaturity. The kid never takes responsibility for his actions. He can find anyone to take the blame other than himself. Sigh! Hoping he keeps himself in line at least until after we go to the Renaissance Festival. We invited her to go and she is very excited. Fingers crossed!

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This and that

I know I haven’t posted any current progress pics and I promise one will be coming soon. I am currently beading South Seas Mermaid. I thought I would have been done by this past weekend but am just past the half way mark. I knew there were a lot of beads but good it sure is taking far longer than I thought it would.

Two weeks ago I pinched my sciatic nerve and made my first trip to the chiropractor. I sure love when they crack your back. By this past weekend I was feeling great so I decided it was time to finish taking down the border in my bathroom. I got all the walls scrubbed and it is pretty darn clean in there. The one thing I left was the floor. I figured I would scrub that when I scrubbed the kitchen floors on Sunday. Well….I think I overdid it because my lower back is not very happy. It isn’t too bad and I don’t think I will have to head to the chiro if I behave for at least a few days.

Since I wasn’t able to get that done I decided it was time to get out and look at buying a new couch. Mine is pretty worn out in my stitching spot. I have a reclining couch so it doesn’t allow me to rotate cushions or flip them over from time to time. It was to the point where I was sitting on a pillow as a cushion so I wouldn’t sit on the board. Not good. I had a hard time choosing but I did find one that I think will work with the animals and being just right for stitching.

This is what I chose:

Newton Pebble by Ashley Furniture

Newton Pebble by Ashley Furniture

This is a bit different than what I normally like but I think what I have gone with in the past is no longer popular. It is all good though. Makes me be open minded and look for other things I like. Took a bit but I really do like it. It only took me going to that store 3 times to decide. No new pics of Sassi and Kurby this week. We went for a walk around the lake on Friday with a friend and we got rained on. They both need a serious bath now.

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Job change

I am not sure how much I have said about my job. This year has been full of changes. With all the changes in our entire department it has impacted my job in a big way. My job responsibilities have almost all been eliminated. I have stayed busy doing things here and there but really had no idea where my job was going. My lead swore to me she wasn’t going to let me go. She knows how hard I work and how fast I can get things done.  I started learning some things to back up another gal because she was going on a cruise and since she is a department of one she really needed a backup. This has been very interesting and some of it makes my head swim! Lol. I love learning new things so it has been nice to have something different to do.

Last week I was informed that the gal that has been training me as her backup is going to be taking a different position….and that I will now be taking on most of her responsibilities! This is exciting and scary all at the same time. There is so much that still confuses the crap out of me. I have been doing the same job for nearly 15 years so to do something so different feels a bit strange.  I am up for the challenge. I hope and pray that I will start putting everything together soon and can start feeling more comfortable with my new role.

I do have one question….I wonder who will be my backup?


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Crazy summer

I am so glad summer has decided to show up here in MN. I get so tired of the cold all the time. We are having one crazy summer so far. First it just didn’t want to warm up, then it wouldn’t stop raining. Then we got a whopper of a storm knocking down lots of trees due to the wet ground. Hoping the rest of the summer will be somewhat uneventful. I love thunderstorms but not the ones that come with danger and damage.

Asiatic lily

The dogs are all ready for the heat of the summer. Sassi and Kurby went to the groomer and I trimmed Rebel myself yesterday. He gets so upset with me that he won’t come to me for nearly a day. LOL

Sassi - June 2013 Kurby - 2013

With the arrival of summer I have less time for stitching but that is ok. The winters are long and I love to hibernate as much as possible so there is plenty of time then. I have been working on South Seas Mermaid and am making some decent progress, there is still a lot to go. This one will also be heavy with beads when it is done. Can’t wait to put the beads on.

South Seas Mermaid - progress 7/7/13

Not much else going on here. I am trying to be better about taking the dogs for longer walks. We have so many lakes with great walking paths. We have had two lake walks so far and hope to have many more. It has been quiet with the boys both working and off doing their own thing. Sometimes I miss them being home and doing things together. Other times it feels good to have some peace and quiet in the house. A mom just can’t win. LOL

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More crazy MN weather

It has been a crazy spring here so far. I actually had to turn the heat on last week to get the chill out of the house, then this weekend I turned the air on. I am hoping the heat is here to stay for a while. The cold and rain is getting really old. With the heat came a bit more rain but I am thankful that it didn’t ruin the entire weekend. We had some serious rain come down yesterday. Enough that there were many flooded roads and water pouring out of the over-full sewers. Once the rain subsided so did all the water. It just came down fast and furious. This evening we had a brief rain shower with some strong winds but it didn’t last too long. At least it was beautiful most of the day.

I took Sassi and Kurby for our first walk of the season around the lake. They both did very well and walked like very good pups. We took our time and made sure to stop several times for water breaks. They have been pretty sleepy since we got home.

Our washing machine decided it didn’t want to spin anymore on Friday. We have to wait until Tuesday to get it repaired. By that time we will have more than enough to keep it busy for a while. Thank goodness we have gas plus through our gas company. It has paid off several times since we have had it.

Last weekend I finished up the last of the new plants this season. I think I will need to replace a couple more but may wait until next year. My mom wanted hydrangeas on her side. I picked out one that will hopefully turn blue and the other will be pink.


The tornado claimed 2 of the 3 bleeding hearts I had and now that the area is all sun the 3rd one also died off. Guess it was just too hot for that plant. In its place I chose to put a few day lilies. I have 3 colors and put 2 plants in each hole to make them a little bigger. Hopefully they fill in a bit next year so they don’t look so odd.  The hosta was already there. It was originally around our light post and was nearly dead. I moved it to this location a couple of years ago and it did real well.

Day liles and a hosta


On to the stitching. The stitching time has diminished with the nicer weather. I am trying to get the dogs out for walks and enjoying the weather while we have it. Our warm weather will be gone far too fast for my liking. I have only worked on South Seas Mermaid. It is hard to tell in a picture but most of her body so far is Kreinik…very sparkly! I was hoping to finish her skin today but didn’t quite make it.

South Seas Mermaid - Mirabilia


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Vacation has come to an end

I had a wonderful 10 days off and tomorrow I have to go back to work. It is going to be hard to get back into the same old grind. I am so glad I was able to drive to Kansas and meet Carolyn and Anne. We had a wonderful time and I believe we have created a new addict….Anne’s niece, Paige. I think if they had let her she would have stayed up stitching until she passed out! LOL

I am sad to say that none of us took any pics while we were there. I thought of it several times but got caught up in what we were going and never did take any. Sorry!

We all got lots of fun goodies at PTP. Unfortunately, I think I spent the most. I am officially super broke now! I did post pics of my purchases on FB and also in my WIP folder in Photobucket: http://s805.photobucket.com/user/unicornwiz/library/WIPs?sort=3&page=1

Since I finished Waterlily before we left that means I had to figure out what to bring with on the trip. I wanted to have something that I wouldn’t lose my place on, nothing real complicated, and nothing that needed extra lighting to see (like the dark fabric on dragonfly). I decided a new start was in order so I started South Seas Mermaid. She is stitched on Aurora by Crossed Wing. The picture does not show the beautiful colors at all. I swear I need to find a way to take better pics of fabric!

South Seas Mermaid - Mirabilia

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Mid-week update

I don’t usually post mid-week but today I finished Waterlily so I just had to show her off. I really wish I could get my fabrics to look as beautiful as they are in real life. She is stitched on a Silkweaver Solo that is actually quite pink in real life.

Waterlily - Nora Corbett


Last week was a bit rough. Sean was so kind as to share his cold with me. I was very glad that it came and went in less than a week. It has been a good 5 years since I have been sick with anything and I don’t do sick very well. I seem to just think I can go on as normal and it doesn’t usually work that way.

Tomorrow We head for Kansas to meet with Anne and Carolyn. I am excited to meet them and hang out. I am sure we will have a great time. Sure wish more of our group could make it. Some day I hope to meet everyone. I need to win the lottery so I can afford to take time off and travel! LOL

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