And a quick furry update

Sassi and Kurby are still my little loves. I love taking them places and they are both so good when we are out. Rebel is starting to show a bit of his age. His eye sight isn’t the greatest anymore so he won’t do stairs. He gets a free ride up and down the stairs. Sassi and Kurby both had pics taken for an animal talent place recently. I like that they post pics for you to see and download. Wish I had known more in advance though, they both are in need of haircuts.






Cats are doing pretty good. Peek-A-Boo is now 17 years old and we don’t think he will be around too much longer. He only eats half or less of his food and he has stopped grooming himself. We give him lots of love and will let him go when we think he is ready. Xander and Kalia are doing good as well. Wish I could figure out how to get Kalia to lose weight. I have tried everything that I can think of as well as reducing the food intake per the vet. I swear she is heavier not lighter. Not good!

We have added a furry friend to our home. His name is Merlin. He is 3 months old and boy is he a little stinker! He is so full of energy and way too curious for his own good.


Merlin the day we brought him home (abt 9 weeks old)


No idea how they can sleep in such odd positions (3 months old)



2 thoughts on “And a quick furry update

  1. Your house much like mine – never a dull moment! Even though I gripe about the big barking nincompoop, I seriously couldn’t imagine our house without the zoo – even after the other kid is gone, we’ll still have somebody underfoot 🙂

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