Feels like Fall outside

It was a nice weekend. Friday was beautiful. I took Sassi and Kurby for a nice walk around the lake. Saturday was my craft club. We get together the 2nd Saturday of the month and everyone does their own thing. We have a good time chatting and catching up with everyone. Saturday late afternoon we finally got some much needed rain. Sunday was quite cool out. Nice to have the windows open. I was going to take the dogs on another walk around one of the lakes but decided it was perfect stitching weather instead.

It has been kind of quiet around my house lately. Tyler started his new job and so far it is going well. I hope once the training is over that he will continue to like it. It is so different from what he has ever done. Sitting all day may be a challenge for him. He may find that he needs to get some meds for his ADD to help him out again. We will see. He really doesn’t like taking them if at all possible.

I am still stitching on Sean’s Panda. I am making decent progress but I wish it would go just a little faster. I really have so many things I want to start. I don’t even know for sure what will be next since they are all screaming at me. LOL

Here is the panda so far:

Panda progress 9/15/13

Panda progress 9/15/13

That is all I have at the moment. I just don’t have a very exciting life.

Here is some cuteness to end my post…..

Kurby's first birthday 8/15/13

Kurby’s first birthday 8/15/13



2 thoughts on “Feels like Fall outside

  1. That’s a large country and tree next to Panda! You are working really fast on it. Hope the new job continues to work out. I know what you mean about having to sit all day! I turned the furnace on here on Sunday. Saturday was gorgeous though. Cute pups!

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